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Shooting & Editing

4K and HD shooting in Japan for corporate videos, commercials, TV, documentaries, event coverage and more. Adobe Premiere/Final Cut editing, After Effects motion graphics and more.

Producing & Fixing

Producing and fixing for video productions of all sizes, including production management, crewing, casting, location scouting and clearance, creative consultation and more.


Japanese-English translation for a range of contents, including localization of corporate videos and subtitling of feature films for major studios in Japan.

Drone Aerial Filming

Capture cinematic 4K aerial footage above Japan, or attract interest to your venue with 360 aerial photos. It is steadily becoming an industry standard to use drone footage in TV and film productions.

Green Screen / Chroma

Put your talent anywhere! Using this special effects technique, your can film against a green screen and replace the background with any footage or graphics you desire.

Based in TOKYO, JAPAN, offering video production solutions to a host of clients both in Japan and overseas. Working with a variety of clients from around the world to produce a wide range of creative content including: CORPORATE VIDEO, BROADCAST PROGRAMMING, DOCUMENTARIES, COMMERCIALS, NEWS & EVENT COVERAGE, SHORT FILMS as well as B-ROLL around Tokyo and other locations throughout Japan.

Video Works

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Original Video Projects

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Original video project TOKYO MONSTERS
TOKYO MONSTERS (2016-Present)
Creator, producer and editor of TOKYO MONSTERS, a web series exploring the greater world of Japanese film monsters and their impact on Japanese pop culture. The show explores events and monster curiosities around Japan.
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Original video project SCIFI JAPAN TV
SCIFI JAPAN TV (2012-2014)
Co-producer and editor for over 40 episodes of this original documentary series, featuring interviews with the directors, producers, and special FX masters of “Godzilla”, “Ultraman” and other famous film monsters.
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About Me

I was born in Southampton, England and am a permanent resident of Japan. I graduated from the Intercultural Institute of Japan, Tokyo in 2011 where I studied Japanese. After graduation I joined the video production company ACTV Japan Ltd as Production Manger, where I oversaw the production of a variety of original contents, corporate videos and broadcast programming. In 2015 I joined the Tokyo-based film and video production company PRIDGE Inc as a Director and Producer. I have served as Assistant Director and 2nd Unit Director on a number of short special effects films in Japan, including THE CRAWLER IN THE DARK and NEW RETRO HERO: SPACE HUNTER X. In 2015 I served as Assistant Director on the short film HEART OF SWORD, produced in collaboration with Shochiku Studios as part of the Kyoto Filmmakers Lab. As a lifelong fan of Japanese monster movies, I have created and produced two original web series, SCIFI JAPAN TV (2012-14) and TOKYO MONSTERS (2016-present), featuring interviews with the legendary filmmakers behind the “Godzilla” and “Ultraman” films.
Jim M. Ballard

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